Lumoflex Central Management Software

Lumoflex-CMS gives a possibility to monitor and adjust the hardware of the system - cabinet and luminaire controllers as well as different sensors (PIR, Luxmeters atc). Lumoflex-CMS has graphical map based user interface.
Lumoflex-CMS contains different views for street light operation monitoring and adjustment. It has possibility to create or edit different lighting rules, cabinets, users, etc.:

  • Cabinets - view the cabinets states and modify cabinets parameters.
  • Cabinet groups – define cabinet groups and apply lighting operation rules to groups.
  • Cabinet rules – create and edit lighting rules with different control methods.
  • Cabinet Events – view and filter the events, including alarms.
  • Alarms – view, filter and acknowledge the alarms. Send alarms via SMS and e-mail.
  • Streetlights – additional detailed information about streetlights.
  • Sensors - additional detailed information about sensors.
  • Groups – define groups of individually controlled streetlights and apply rules.
  • Dimming – create and modify dimming rules for individually controlled streetlight groups.
  • Settings – user accounts and various common system wide settings.


Additional Smart Street Lighting Products

Possibility to integrate with the system different sensors like smart PIR movement detectors, smart ambient light sensors, luxmeters atc. Ask for more information martem at martem dot ee


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Phone: (+372) 639 7979 E-mail: martem [at] martem dot eu