Lumoflex Central Management Software

Lumoflex-CMS gives a possibility to monitor and adjust the hardware of the system - cabinet and luminaire controllers as well as different sensors (PIR, Luxmeters atc). Lumoflex-CMS has graphical map based user interface.
Lumoflex-CMS contains different views for street light operation monitoring and adjustment. It has possibility to create or edit different lighting rules, cabinets, users, etc.:

  • Cabinets - view the cabinets states and modify cabinets parameters.
  • Cabinet groups – define cabinet groups and apply lighting operation rules to groups.
  • Cabinet rules – create and edit lighting rules with different control methods.
  • Cabinet Events – view and filter the events, including alarms.
  • Alarms – view, filter and acknowledge the alarms. Send alarms via SMS and e-mail.
  • Streetlights – additional detailed information about streetlights.
  • Sensors - additional detailed information about sensors.
  • Groups – define groups of individually controlled streetlights and apply rules.
  • Dimming – create and modify dimming rules for individually controlled streetlight groups.
  • Settings – user accounts and various common system wide settings.


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Phone: (+372) 639 7979 E-mail: martem [at] martem dot eu